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Committed to your emotional


Do you currently feel alone, isolated or in a crisis?

Has your relationship just ended? Struggling with an addiction? Maybe you have just lost your job or have been made redundant? It may be that you suffer with stress, anxiety or depression or perhaps you're just unsure about how to get through a challenging time. 


Most people seek out counselling or psychotherapy when they experience some sort of discomfort, challenge or crisis and talking therapy can offer individuals a space to process their thoughts, feelings and emotions. This can enable and empower you to begin to understand and make sense of your own experiences, motivations and needs.

It can really help to share your problems and talk to someone in a safe confidential space. Sometimes people need support to enable them to break ingrained habits and self limiting beliefs. Others may need to be listened to, valued, seen and heard . We aim to adopt a holistic approach and integrate a range of methods and skills to enable you to discover your path to psychological wellbeing in a safe, confidential and

comfortable place where the emphasis is on YOU.



Our methodology, skills and 

experience have been proven to be life transforming for many of the people we work with.


Mindtopia’s team can successfully facilitate a wide range of services for both organisations and individuals, it’s all about "Wellbeing" here.

Whether its one-to-one therapy (motivational or wellbeing & resilience workshops), or group counselling, we have a service to suit every need. Choose the support that best suits you.

Talk to us to and see how we can help.



We repeat what we don't repair. Together we can end your pain.


The Team.

A highly skilled team with over 50 years of combined experience working with individuals and groups in public sector organisations including:




Mental Health

We are committed to improving the mental health and emotional well being of individuals who require one-to-one support through counselling or psychotherapy. We also offer assistance to staff in the workplace who may struggle with the daily demands of working in front line organisations. For example those whose emphasis is on caring for others in need, often dealing with high levels of stress, trauma, challenging and complex behaviour on a daily basis.    


Here at MindTopia we work holistically and believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship as a means to support individuals through their difficulties no matter how complex or challenging they may seem.


Foremost individuals who use MindTopia can expect to be met as a unique individual. Our philosophy aims to encourage, enable and empower. We are committed to improving the mental health of individuals and staff in organisations. 

Heading up the Team.

Charlotte Van-Lint

Integrative Psychotherapist

Registered Member BACP

BA Community Justice

BSC Applied Psychology 

PG Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy

PG Diploma in Probation Studies

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